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Spring Checklist

By: Juli Gates, Director of Communication


Spring has finally arrived and with that comes the spring time chores. I always love to have a spring checklist to help me stay on track with all of my spring time chores. Listed below are a few ideas/tips that I like to add to my checklist to help me stay on track both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Get your air conditioning unit serviced by a professional. There is nothing worse than the weather starting to warm up your home and come to find out your air conditioner is broken/not functioning properly.
  2. Clean out all rain gutters and downspouts and make repairs if need be. As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”! Make sure that your rain gutters are clear for the rain coming in!
  3. Check those windows out. Clean those windows and repair any screens. It is also important to clean and lubricate the window tracks. Nothing is more irritating that trying to open up your windows and the window getting stuck or bugs flying in your home due to holes in your window screen.
  4. Reverse your ceiling fans to counterclockwise to blow the air down. As the weather warms up, you will want the air to be flowing.
  5. Flip or rotate your mattresses. Flipping your mattress can improve your health, extend the longevity of the mattress, and help reduces allergens.
  6. Dust those lampshades and ceiling fan blades that you have been avoiding. I know, it is a pain and no one wants to do it, but with all of the allergens coming soon, do yourself a favor and dust!
  7. Clean all lent out of the dryer’s exhaust pipe. Cleaning out the exhaust pipe will help to get rid of allergens, as well as help you save energy.
  8. Pressure wash your decks, fences, siding and driveways. Pressure washing helps improve curb appeal to your home, increases your home value, prevents grime and mildew form breaking down your home’s exterior, and removes contaminants that could potentially make you or your pets sick.
  9. Aerate and fertilize your lawn. According to Buddy Olsen, landscaping expert, and CEO of Horticare Landscaping “aerating is recommended to help get the watering deeper in the summertime”. Olsen suggests that “early Spring is the best time to pre-emerge to keep out common summer weeds, and it is important to fertilize your lawn around April here in Arkansas to help the lawn green up”.
  10. Take all of our indoor plants outside and clean them. Remove any withered blooms and leaves that fall on the soil to prevent mold.
  11. Mulch those flowerbeds! “The one thing that will give the most curb appeal to your home is mulching the beds; mulch keeps weeds down and holds the moisture in during the summer” according to Olsen.
  12. Turn on your irrigation system. Olsen suggests turning on your system April 15th as it is “the last frost date for here in Arkansas, and frost can damage the RPZ”. Watch out folks! Olsen says based on the size of the RPZ, frost damage can cost anywhere form $300-$600 to repair.

There you have it! There is nothing more riveting than getting a head start on spring chores and the time is now!


A special thank you to Buddy Olsen, CEO of Horticare Landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas for your landscaping expertise. For more information on Horticare Landscaping, call 501-407-2727 or visit their location at 7901 Stagecoach Road, Little Rock, AR.


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