12 Rules To Keep Your Home Organized
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12 Rules To Help Keep Your Home Organized


Juli Gates, Director of Communication

Arkansas REALTORS® Association


When the holidays are over and all of the lights and decorations come down, it means it is time to clean up the house and get organized. Of course, keeping a home clean and organized throughout the week can be a challenge. However, homes don’t clean themselves and someone has to do it. With the help of the few easy rules to follow, you can keep your home looking great!

  1. Follow the “one-minute” rule: It is so easy to push those little small tasks to the side to do later, but they can add up quickly! Follow the “one-minute” rule and get that one small task done and out of the way!
  2. Set aside 20 minutes to de-clutter/clean one area of your home: I have a habit of pushing all of the things I need done to one day and end up spending my entire morning/afternoon during my time off playing catch up. If you take 20 minutes a day to de-clutter/clean one area of your home, you will save yourself so much time.
  3. Spot-clean your bathroom each night: If you are anything like me, time flies in the morning and the bathroom can get a little messy. Each night before bed, take some time to clean up your bathroom. Take your dirty clothes to the laundry room or clean off your countertops. It will be worth your while to not let that accumulate throughout the week!
  4. Always leave a room with something in your hand: Each time you leave a room, take a quick scan to see if there is anything that doesn’t belong and put it in it’s proper place.
  5. Put your mail up and sort through it each day: Take some time to sort through your mail as you get it. Avoid leaving mail sitting on your countertop and creating unnecessary clutter.
  6. Start a load of laundry: When you have a free moment, take that time to start a load of laundry. Laundry can build up before you know it. Save yourself some time!
  7. Clear your dishes in the sink each morning: There is nothing worse than trying to cook dinner and having a pile of dishes with nowhere to put them.
  8. Clean out your fridge weekly: The night before your garbage day, clean out that fridge that has been collecting leftovers all week. This will help you to keep your fridge shelves clear and ready to go with new groceries for the week to come. You will also be able to see what ingredients you have and will take away the risk of re-buying anything.
  9. Do a quick clean-up of your pantry weekly: It is so easy to build up clutter in your pantry. Get rid of those Cheerios that you have been hoarding for the past month that you never really intend on eating.
  10. Make your Bed each morning when you wake up: I am not a morning person and I enjoy my warm, comfy bed. The only way I am getting out of that warm bed is knowing that I have to make it and move on with my morning routine. You will feel accomplished and ready to start your day!
  11. Stop Clutter at the door: When you get home each night, it is so easy to sling those shoes off, throw those keys down, and get ready to relax. Unfortunately, you will be paying for that later. Stop before you throw those items down and take a few more steps to put them away.
  12. Keep everyone involved: Make sure that everyone is do their part. As the old saying goes, “it takes a village”!

Good luck and happy organizing!


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