SAFETY ALERT: All Realtors® Especially Females Be Cautious
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There have been reports of a white male around 30 years old in the West Memphis area (who later moved on to the Jonesboro area) driving an older model Crown Victoria with a spotlight attached that is going to offices and requesting a FEMALE agent to show him properties in rural areas. He gave the first Broker he spoke with the name Kurt (Curt) Richardson. His story has changed from office to office, but the gist of it is that his wife is not allowing him to come home without a house and that she wants him to use a female agent. He has gone to multiple offices with this request and each time he gets turned down he gets angry and leaves. In all stories he says that money is no object because his in-laws are wealthy. One of the first reports was this Monday and in his story he mentioned his wife was at the bank getting money. That is when the agent realized something was wrong, because Monday was a bank holiday. On Monday, he was seen wearing a green jacket and a baseball cap. He is also calling agents after he sees property signs and requests to be shown the property immediately. In some stories, he has said that he is in a branch of the military and about to be promoted. He has also mentioned that his wife is pregnant and currently a doctor/nurse at Arkansas Children’s Hospital but that they want to move to be closer to family. Keep your eyes and ears open for these indicators. If you encounter this man get his license plate number and call the local authorities. West Memphis and Jonesboro Police Departments have been notified. Any new reports to them will help them locate him.


President Bill Olson has offered the following safety tips:

  • Take someone with you to show all properties.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Do not be concerned about offending someone if you don’t jump at their request to show a property immediately.
  • Make sure your office knows where you are when you’re showing a property.
  • If you feel uneasy, state that you need to return a call, go outside and call your office or a loved one and stay connected until you leave. Create code words if needed to alert others of the situation.


More Safety Tips from Authorities:

  • Always meet new clients at your office. So that you and other agents/staff can see your clients and you all get a first impression.
  • Ask for make, model, and license plate of your client’s car when meeting them at a house. That way you can identify them at the house & also provide vital information with the person that you told where you are going. That information can be given to the police if anything were to happen.
  • Always follow; never lead your client through the house. Always let the clients enter the room first and don’t follow them into bedrooms  rooms with a door. Stand by the door while they look around the room.
  • Trust your instincts, they’re usually right. Always err on the side of caution. Nothing is more important than your safety.


For more safety tips from the National Association of REALTORS®, click here.



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