5 External Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Home
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5 External Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Home


So you’re going to partake in the American Dream- buying a home. You assess how much you can get approved for on a loan, you hunt the internet and hire your REALTOR®, but what factors should ultimately decide where you plant your seeds and grow? Of course, the home is the ultimate deciding factor, but what external factors should play a role in where you and your family set up shop next? As someone who just recently made the decision to move after 5 years of being in the same location, I looked at all the determining factors on which part of the city I moved to next.


Availability of Consumer Goods

  • It’s human nature to shop where we live. If I move to this location, what will be my new grocery store? Do I want to shop at the local Wal-Mart, or do I drive the extra ten minutes to the Kroger down the street? What available restaurants are around? If I don’t want to cook am I going to be limited to fast food options, or will I have healthier options that are more desirable? How close is the nearest Starbucks? I like to be within a five-minute drive of one at all times. It can sound silly as we as consumers move more and more to shopping online with Amazon and food subscription services, but the availability of shopping plays a huge role for many when shopping around for a house.


Accessibility to Exercise

  • For some, this may seem extreme and for others, it may be the number one priority. With Millennials being considered the “most active generation” by many studies, and Millennials participating in home-ownership more and more every year, the accessibility to activity is widely important. How close is the nearest gym? What are the demographics for that gym? Are there nature trails for those who enjoy biking or like to walk outside? A lack of exercise for many can cause stagnation, lack of desire, and even depression. This alone could play a major role in where you purchase your next home.


Commute to Work

  • My entire life my father has commuted at least 45 minutes to work daily. He enjoys the drive he tells me. It gives him time to prepare for the day, detach himself from his personal life for work and his work life for home, and gives him the opportunity to call and touch base with family members. I, personally, really love the latter. However, for me, I don’t ever want to live farther than ten minutes from work. I like the ability to go home on lunch breaks or run home to pick up something if I’ve forgotten it. A new position of employment is the sole reason for my recent migration. The commute to work can be a deal-breaker and should always be on the mind when purchasing a home.


School Zone

  • If you’re a parent, the school zone in which you live can be a huge deal. Parents who have grade school kids are significantly less likely to move school districts so that their children aren’t uprooted from their familiar surroundings. In an age of school choice, it certainly helps the flexibility of where a family may live, but does it open the field enough to where your family can truly move anywhere? It’s a parents goal, and job, to ensure their children are provided the best education possible, your new home purchase can drastically affect that.



  • And last, but certainly not least, the neighborhood in which you live can make or break your new home. One must ask yourself: Do you want neighbors? Do you want to know your neighbors? Do you feel safe in your future neighborhood? If you have kids- are there other kids around for your kids to play with? Is there a neighborhood Facebook page or crime watch? A neighborhood is a community and community provides a sense of belonging and safety. This can be the number one factor in determining where you purchase your next home.


Buying a home can be a huge milestone in one’s life. It is the epitome of the American Dream. When making a decision that could impact your life for decades to come, shouldn’t you do as much research as possible? A home is more than just walls, a roof, and fancy flooring. It is a location to build a future for you and your family. Purchase wisely.


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