8 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale
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8 Tips for Hosting a Successful Garage Sale

By Juli Gates, Director of Communication

Arkansas Realtors®


As Spring begins to make its way in and Winter moves out, I always have a sense to purge. I guess I feel I have to change with the seasons as well. One of my favorite things to do is host a garage sale. I can earn a little extra cash and clean out what I no longer want or need! Where can you go wrong with that?

Listed below are a few of my tips that have helped me to host a successful a garage sale.


  1. Ask Your Neighbors to Join: You may not be the only one who might want to purge. Take a moment and reach out to your neighbors to see if they may want to get in on the fun. However, be sure to get in touch with your local government to be sure you do not need a permit.


  1. Schedule your sale for the weekend: Many garage sales receive the highest traffic during the weekend. It is also important to note that mornings from 8:00-10:00AM show the highest amount of traffic. The early bird gets the worm!


  1. Advertise: There are so many avenues for advertising now. Take to social media to advertise by posting on your Facebook account. Also, nothing works more than the “throwback” of creating a personal sign and placing it at the local intersection with a lot of traffic flowing through.


  1. Price all of your items: Save yourself some time by pricing all of your items. You can purchase any round color-coordinated stickers at your local Wal-Mart. Be sure that you are choosing a sticker that will come off of the item without creating any need for “goo-gone”!


  1. Organize: I just mentioned getting color-coordinated stickers for good reason. I have a confession ladies and gentleman. I love to organize. Nothing is more chaotic at a garage sale than disorganization. Price your items based on color. Organize your items by category. You will save yourself both time and stress by doing so.


  1. Get Supplies: Save up some of those grocery bags for your customers to store their smaller items in. Those customers are likely to buy more if they have more space other than what is in their hands already. Be sure to have some tissue paper or newspaper to wrap any breakable items in.


  1. If it’s junk, donate it: Please do not be “that” person and try to sell any items that are broken. There are plenty of places where you can donate your items that can be repaired and donated.


  1. Money, Money: It is always a wise idea to have a cashbox and one person designated to take care of all of the purchasing. That way you have one person who will be keeping track of everything. I would suggest having a calculator in hand, unless you’re a math whiz!

Happy garage selling!



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