Criteria For the L. Wayne Camp Award
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The original criteria for the L. Wayne Camp award was set during a meeting in November 1997 at the ARA offices in Little Rock. The discussions named the award and set it up to have the award presented annually during the ARA convention.  It is to be presented  to the one person who in the opinion of the judges had made outstanding, long-term and  continuing contributions to the ARA volunteerism and fundraising for Arkansas Special Olympics.    Judging is patterned after the R/O/Y award in that future recipients would compose the judging panel. The first year, in the absence of recipients, selection was made by the current and immediate past ARA presidents, and the Chairperson of the ARA Public Relations Committee.

The second year, the selection panel consisted of the recipient, the Chairperson of the ARA Public Relations Committee, and the ARA President. The third year the selection panel consisted  of the two previous recipients and the Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee. The fourth year, the three previous recipients composed the panel. In ensuing years, all the recipients composed the panel.

The  primary criteria are as follows:

  1. Involved in the Special Olympics fundraising efforts on behalf of ARA
  2. Involved with Special Olympics outside ARA, i.e., coaching, volunteering, etc.
  3. Long-term involvement (unlike the ROY award which recognizes current year activity.)
  4. Member in good standing of the Arkansas REALTORS® Association

As of January 2007, there are no formal application forms for the award and the award is not promoted within ARA and the Boards. It is awarded under the precept that the honor seeks the recipient.

Selection is made during a meeting of all previous recipients, generally via a conference call. All the previous recipients are notified of the meeting (or conference call).    A previous recipient may with valid excuse be excused from the meeting (or conference call). The recipient is selected  by a majority vote of those participating.

The original meeting establishing the award asked that as the award grows, the concept of a formal application be discussed, as well as reducing the number of the panel but always keeping the panel composed of previous recipients, and perhaps promoting the award to the Boards.