ARA Partners with IDShield
17 November 2015 - 16:21, by , in news, No comments

ARA recently partnered with IDShield for a new ARA Member BenefitIDShield

Identity Theft is the #1 consumer complaint in the US today.  Stopping it is one thing, restoring your identity after a breach is another.  Victims spend an average of 100 hours trying to resolve ID Theft issues.  Now, through Arkansas REALTORS® Association, you have access to ID Shield’s services at a group discount!  Members have access to their credit report (updated daily), their updated credit score (quarterly), real time emailed alerts, lost wallet protection, 24/7/365 credit monitoring, comprehensive restoration, and much more. Plans are $8.95/individual and $18.95/family. To learn more about ID Shield, click here. View more information here.

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