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The Arkansas Realtors® Association has recently partnered with Smart911– an enhanced 9-1-1 service available to all Arkansans for Smart911-picfree. Smart911 allows Arkansans to create a private and secure Safety Profile for their household, which is immediately delivered to 9-1-1 in the event that they need to make an emergency call. We want to encourage all citizens to go online at www.smart911.com and create their Safety Profile so they will be better prepared for an emergency.


Hearts-and-homes-picAs part of our partnership, you will be provided with information on the service, as well as marketing materials that you may use in your outreach to clients and new homeowners. Smart911 will also make a donation to our charity, Hearts & Homes of Arkansas, Inc. for each profile created using group code “HOMES3”

In the coming weeks you will have the opportunity to learn more about Smart911 and begin marketing it to your clients.

• On Tuesday November 27 at either 10am or 2pm you can attend a web information session to learn more about the service and ask any questions you may have. Here is a link to the web information session.

• By the end of the month all 35 associations will receive a shipment of flyers that can be used in marketing outreach.

• You will also receive electronic marketing tools


We encourage you to visit www.smart911.com to learn more about the service, and create your own Safety Profile. As a realtor who may travel into many different homes and towns, your Safety Profile will keep you safe in any part of Arkansas. Your profile will add to the donation to Hearts & Homes of Arkansas, Inc. if you use group code “HOMES3”.


Create your Smart911 Profile Today!