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On Saturday June 4th, 2016 starting at 1:00 am ET, GoPaperless (eSign platform of Form Simplicity) will be physically migrating their current data center to a more robust, reliable and scalable data center. Due to the extensive work involved in moving to a new data center, GoPaperless has given a maximum maintenance downtime period of 12 hours (1:00 pm ET), although they anticipate it to be completed well before that.


Here are some details surrounding the data center migration:


  • Access to all eSign services will be unavailable starting at 1:00 AM ET on May 21st.
  • A dedicated team of data center engineers experienced with migrations will be on staff to manage the pre-setup, testing and deployment.
  • A complete back-up system will be left at the current data center in the event they need to rollback.
  • The initial setup is anticipated to be completed between 4 – 5:00 am ET, at which time testing will begin before access to the application is restored.
  • A team here at Form Simplicity will be awaiting the completion of the migration for immediate testing and client notification/communication.


We understand that this maintenance window is larger than normal, however, the overall benefits of the new data center will be very valuable not only internally for GoPaperless, but for our members as well. Some of these benefits include:


  1. All QA/Stage/Production environments will be virtual machine based with image snapshots and all the benefits that come with VM.
  2. All web and application servers will be load balanced with F5 load balancers
  3. All database servers will be setup in a database availability group.
  4. We will have a new team of engineers, db admins and tech staff to help manage the infrastructure.
  5. We will be using a new method of production deployments that can result in zero downtime (unless DB updates are needed).
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