House to House: New Years’ Resolution: Home Organization by February 1
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House to House: New Years’ Resolution: Home Organization by February 1

By Emily Morgan, Director of Public Relations and Communications


I recently read an article on that gave a plan to have your home organized by February 1st by spending an hour or less a day working towards that goal. Sounds crazy, right? But the tips in the article are great and consist of things that made me think to myself “duh! I just needed to put all of those together into a plan” instead of doing one thing every weekend or two (insert embarrassed face here). I am the type of woman that loves a plan, so this article really spoke to me, even if it is about cleaning the house.

I thought I would share some of my favorite tips from the article. You can find the entire organizational plan at and search “Organize your home by Feb. 1.”

  • Do that project. Whatever you’ve been putting off or whatever is overwhelming you, do it. You will feel better. The laundry from the holiday trip you took, wash it, dry it, fold it, and the worst for me…put it up. The pile of Christmas presents/decorations that have you yet to be dealt with, deal with them.
  • Create a “Go Away” Box. I love this one. I always need to clean out my closet and love to donate my stuff. As I see stuff in my closet or drawers, now I have somewhere to put it until it’s time to donate.
  • Do you REALLY need all those utensils? This one I just went through with my boyfriend when he moved. He had about 6 slotted spoons, one regular serving/cooking spoon, a ton of spatulas and 4 pairs of kitchen scissors. It only took one time to cook a big dinner and he realized he needed to scale down on some and purchase a few new utensils.
  • Food Storage Containers. It actually gives me joy to clean out these things and organize them because of the mess it is trying to find one when they aren’t organized. We went through the same thing when my boyfriend moved. I swear he opened up 3 boxes of Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers. If it didn’t have a lid or a bottom, it didn’t stay.
  • Scale Down Personal Care/Beauty Products. If you’re like me, any time there’s a sale on beauty products, you have to buy. Or maybe you’re a member of the Ipsy or Birchbox programs and get monthly samples of beauty products; some you love, some you’ll probably never use. It’s time to go through all of that and get rid of stuff. Don’t forget the go away box for the stuff you’ve never used!
  • Under the Sink Storage. Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, chances are it needs some attention. Clean it all out and decide what should be kept and thrown out. You might need to get some little storage bins or shelves and then organize it all into its new little home.


For a full list of the steps in Author Jamie Wiebe’s plan to have your home organized by February 1, visit


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