House To House: REALTOR® Loyalty
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House To House: REALTOR® Loyalty

 By Hayes Olson

 The Property Shoppe, Batesville


Every time you enter a new coffee shop or a diner there is always fear that you may not know the appropriate lingo. It is as if there is a different language at each location. It took me months to realize that I am a Breve Latte kind of girl. Now that I know, I no longer have a feeling of panic while I order my morning beverage. Certainly all of the nuances of buying or selling real estate provide similar feelings of anxiety to buyers and sellers.

At times, the most challenging part of my job as a real estate agent can be establishing client loyalty. My experience has been that once a buyer or seller decides to dip into the real estate process they contact as many professionals as they can. I completely respect this concept, but the implementation becomes confusing. The reality is that a REALTOR® is available to work for you and guide you through the transaction process to reduce that feeling of panic. It is in your best interest as a buyer or seller to choose one REALTOR® to serve as your representative and stick with that individual. It is the REALTOR’S® job to work for you.

If there is not a current relationship with a REALTOR®, I suggest you, as a buyer or seller, do some homework. One step may be to interview a few professionals. Some items worth considering are: what local professional will meet your needs and best serve your interests while also being a good personality match? The transaction process can be grueling and you need a professional who will work for you throughout the process, in a lingo you understand and are comfortable with. Since this person will become very familiar with your personal information, you need to have a high level of confidence and trust in this person. Think about it: multiple agents, all of whom are armed with your personal information, may only serve to undermine your efforts to get the best price for your property – buying or selling.

REALTORS® are in friendly competition. We all must work together. If a customer is using several professionals at the same time, it makes the friendly competition a little less friendly. We all want and need customers, and we all want and need the support of other REALTORS® in the area. Yes, a REALTOR® works on commission. We are paid, usually by the seller, for the services we provide only if a sale is completed. Our goal, like yours, is to get you to the closing table with the fewest complications


Thank you for supporting our industry.

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