John Boe: How to Boost Your Sales in a Down Market
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By John Boe, Special to the Arkansas REALTORS Association

As a professional sales trainer, I have the opportunity to talk with
salespeople, from a wide range of industries, representing a variety
of products and services. Based on their feedback, I find that while
most sales reps are challenged in this difficult economy, some are
doing quite well. In fact, it’s not unusual to find evidence of both
success and failure even among sales reps working in the same office,
trained by the same manager, selling an identical product, in the
exact same market.

While there’s no “magic bullet” for selling in a down market, there
are several key steps you take right now that will have an immediate
impact on your business. Here are four tips I would like to share
with you that I’ve gleaned from top producers who have learned to
adopt new strategies and prosper during tough economic times.

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in a Down Market.


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