October Housing Statistics Report Now Available
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The Arkansas REALTORS® Association, the voice of real estate in Arkansas,  announced that October home sales were almost one percent higher than October 2010 while the average price of a home in Arkansas increased 1.13 percent for the month.  Year-to-date
numbers reveal that Arkansas home sales are less than half a percent lower and average home prices are down two and a half percent._

“Arkansas home sales continue to be steady,” said Amy Glover Bryant,Director of Communications for the Association.  “As analysts have long beenaware, home sales traditionally drop off after August.  The holiday season can also precipitate a drop in sales.  However, the Arkansas REALTORS® Associaiton encourages sellers to take advantage of the holiday season by stoking the fireplace, putting up  beautiful holiday decorations and treating prospective home buyers to warm holiday treats.  Nothing makes a home more welcoming to a prospective buyer than the smell of hot cider and baked cookies.”

In October, Arkansas REALTORS® sold a total of 1,825 homes versus 1,813 in the October 2010.  Average prices during that time period were $146,053 compared to October 2010 when the average price of a home in Arkansas was $144,427.  “Affordability and strong mortgage rates are certainly helping to drive this year’s improved numbers.  It’s a buyer’s market still and we recommend Arkansans work with local REALTORS®  to find a new home in time for the new year,” said Glover Bryant.

Excel and pdf versions of the October report can be found on the Arkansas Realtors® Association website at

For more information, contact the Association at 501.225.2020

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