Time to Think About Congratulatory Ads for REALTORS® -of-the-Year
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Arkansas REALTORS® and REALTOR® boards:  As you, your firms and your boards finalize your selection for Realtor® -of-the-Year (or have agents who are selected) please keep in mind that the Arkansas REALTOR® newsletter is offering advertising opportunities in which your board(or their firm) can congratulate your local Realtor-of-the-Year.  Theads will appear in the October issue of the Arkansas REALTOR®.  The last day you can reserve your board’s ad space is Wednesday, August 31.  The materials deadline is September 9.

We are offering 1/4 page size ads (which will allow for a photo) ineither four color of black and white.  Costs are $150.00/ad for blackand white.  $250.00 for color.  As you can see from the attached contract, this is a significant savings.

Ads should be camera ready.  If you would like our graphic designer to design your ad for you, please add on an additional $100.00.  For more information, or to reserve your ad space, please contact Amy at 888.333.2206 or email back the attached ad contract.


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