Understanding the Importance of Why Your Home is So Important
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Understanding The Importance Of Home: Why Your Home Is So Important

‘Home sweet home’, ‘There ain’t no place like home’, ‘Home is where the heart is’ etc. These phrases and the myriad of other home-related sayings subtly reinforce just how important homes are to us as human beings. In fact, we are obsessed with homes. They are everything that our lives revolve around, coming to and fro but always ending up there at the end of the day. They represent things to us, and they represent us to the rest of the world and all of the other people who we might have in our lives. It’s an interesting and complex concept which is totally and utterly taken for granted. So, let’s take this opportunity to take a look at the importance of home.

The Distillment Of Time

Homes are like behavior catchers. By this, I mean that every individual’s home increases into what extent it represents the person themselves the longer they are in it. They are very unique in this way. If you meet a person you only have a very limited spectrum from which you can understand them. However, home displays, subtly or ostensibly, a whole collection of character traits, behaviors, and other long term, embedded ideas linked directly to the owner. It’s unique in that sense and makes it a really valuable way to get to know someone. That’s why, in most cultures, it is a big eel to be invited to someone’s house, because it is affording you an incredibly intimate, long term portrait of that person.


Nesting is one of those biological predispositions which has stayed with us for the however many eons that human beings have been around. It’s a strange concept because it somewhat runs in the face of other understandings of human nature, that we are deeply social and that without interactions with other people we become unhappy. “Nesting is the desire to build a space that we can return to any time. It’s gone through evolutions across the years but, broadly speaking, the core concepts of nesting have remained consistent across all of human history”, says Sarah Clarke, lifestyle blogger at 1Day2Write and WriteMyx. Homes are, therefore, very typically related to ideas of family, of children. The expression ‘building a home’, doesn’t refer to bricks and mortar, but to reproduction and child-rearing. Without nesting, there might be no particular desire to home build, viewing each place as simply somewhere to stay for a while.

Homes Tied To Places

Being from somewhere is a vital concept for most human beings. “Having a home somewhere allows you to tell people that you are from wherever the home is, or, at the very least, that you live there. This ability is often vital for identity building, which is a natural part of human nature”, writes John Gilligan, writer at BritStudent and NextCoursework. We are divided into subsets as people. It’s as if the role of social interaction is so vital in our lives that we have built this framework of geographical identity to pull us closer to those from where we are from. Having a home embeds you into a community which is a really identity-affirming thing to be able to be a part of. The longer you have dwelt in your home the more you are enveloped in what it means to be from a certain place. This is why it means a lot to say, ‘I’ve lived here since I was a child.’ The house becomes a portal through which your identity steps, automatically getting transformed into a reflection of the geographical place which the house finds itself in in the first place.


It’s a bit redundant to tell people that homes are important. ‘Of course they are’ is the natural response. However, really observing what home means, what it can mean and how homes will continue and have continued to shape human nature is something which people do surprisingly rarely. Understanding why you are attached to homes can help you to understand what your home means to you and about you and what you can do to make your home fulfill its vital role even more fully.


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